What’s your Excuse?

What’s your excuse for;

  • not setting goals for your improvement
  • procrastinating rather than deciding
  • not looking after your health
  • not smiling more, being sad not happy
  • being a follower rather than a leader
  • ‘sitting on the sidelines’ instead of taking action
  • not living the Life that you deserve?………not taking responsibility
  • Blaming others for your problems

Excuses come in many forms however they start from our thoughts via our belief systems. Some may be expressed verbally as follows ;

Commonly –  “it’s too hard” , “I can’t do that”, I don’t have the skills”. “I am not lucky”, “I am too busy…”, “it’s someone else’s problem”………I think you get the picture.

Most excuses happen when we believe otherwise SO…..it’s our belief systems that may be at fault here. Many of our beliefs are tired, worn out & don’t suit current events –  if your beliefs do not serve you then change them! OR at the very least, review them. The bullet points that I raised above are just a sample of the many ‘life excuses’ that exist…..you know the ones!

Is there really any valid excuse for not being able to ‘deliver’ on these points? i.e turn them around.  What is really stopping you?…Fear? Ridicule? Failure? These are only words afterall, it is your negative thought attachments that  make them real to you.

Be a friend to yourself. Get moving, get rid of the excuses, take some responsibility for your life & be a better person to those around you & most importantly, to yourself.

Be good to yourself

David…….also @ www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au


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