Get your day in to Gear

Earlier this morning my mind was in Neutral. I was literally in ‘Park’, stalled, going nowhere. I knew this was a poor situation to be in. I had things that I wanted to achieve today however I could not get out of Neutral and in to gear.

When you find yourself in this situation (we all do at some stage), do something, anything to get yourself moving – I trimmed a couple of branches from an overgrown tree in our backyard. Now this doesn’t seem a “life changing” exercise or text book perfect however, it got me out to a brilliant sunny morning, some fresh air & it started to stimulate my senses. My thought processes were starting to kick in to gear.

This is just an example, you could do any number of things to get going eg., go for a walk, meditate, visualise etc , anything that “floats your boat” as long as it is something – you may even want to trim the neighbour’s trees?…….I’ll leave the gardening tips to the experts.

Each day of our life is valuable. I love to make every moment count & get frustrated when my mind occasionally slips out of gear & in to neutral. It happens to all of us. The trick is to get back in to gear as quickly as possible & enjoy what life has in store for you.  If you have any tips that have helped you, please share.

Be good to yourselves



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