Thoughts and Limitations

Last night I was in deep thought on a particular subject thinking along the lines, “wouldn’t it be great when….”, “If this happens then that will be good…..”, If I could get to this level then I’d be happy..” when I suddenly realised that my thoughts were actually limiting my ability for more.

I was actually thinking “below the bar”, I was lowering the bar rather than looking to raise it. I was positioning myself to accept less than I deserved,  I should know better.

How often do you do this without realising? The limitations that we impose upon ourselves are often ‘invisible’, we think them ‘without knowing’. The trick is, self awareness – being aware of your thoughts and their impact on you.

Are these thoughts serving you? Can you do better? Raise the bar on your Life, don’t impose ‘limitations’ real or otherwise when you can have more….. and you can if you try.

Be good to yourselves



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