Step back from the Edge

How many times did your parents tell you to step back from the edge & how many times have you said the same to your children?…. Plenty I bet!… Now what is at “the edge” to be concerned about?

It has been said that if you are not ‘on the edge’ then you are taking up too much space…maybe…. but what if you go ‘over the edge’ or ‘beyond the edge’, what is there to fear? Is there a great wasteland, a nothingness? OR is there opportunity?

You see, if we don’t venture to the edge & peer over, we imprison ourselves in  the same thoughts & actions day in , day out. “The Edge” may be viewed as our barrier to breaking free, exploring our limitations. We may face our physical fears of ‘the edge’ by standing at the edge of a cliff or tall building, however fears surrounding ‘the edge’ relating to our mental barriers, need to be conquered differently. Only by going beyond ‘this edge’ will we lead  in to personal growth, however we must be prepared to fall.

Falling is a part of growing…’s how many times we rise again that matters….then the growing begins. Don’t be afraid of “the edge”, it’s an imaginary line that you have drawn in the sand, go beyond the edge and grow in to the real you.

Be good to yourselves



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