Why so Glum?

I get a buzz out of seeing people smile. Smiling is so infectious, someone smiles at you and you instantly have the compulsion to smile back, well I do anyway.

Now that I have said this, seeing people smile seems to be a dissappearing thing. I mean, how difficult is it to smile. Smiling gives you an internal “fuzzy good” feel, that’s good isn’t it? I don’t expect people to have ‘the Joker’s face’ on all day however an occasional face crack doesn’t hurt. Is this part of a wider problem?

I observe so many people content to ignore those around them. No glances, no acknowledgements, no smiles, no kind words. They are “happy” being insular, yet they don’t look happy. Then, why so glum? We truly live in a marvellous world, sure ‘things’ happen however many great things happen as well. Crack a smile, look at the positive, get on with your Life and be happy.…….it’s infectious, pass it along.

Be good to yourselves



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