Is Goal Setting what you need?

A great question and one in which I have biase, being a Life Coach and proclaiming myself as a “Goal Achievement Specialist”. However, it is fair to say that Goal setting may not be for everyone.

People react differently, have different needs. Some (or many) thrive on having challenges, want to achieve more & goal setting provides the ideal vehicle with which to do this. Others, well simply are happy to drift along hoping for the best, some also drift or meander but with some purpose.

Now on the latter. “Drifting” may seem a very relaxed way of life however you can only ‘drift so far from the shore’. Without a ‘goal’ or a ‘direction’ you will be at the mercy of the elements. I mentioned ‘direction’ or ‘intentional meandering’ – is it possible to have no specific goals however have a definite direction for your life and still live the life that you aspire to? Maybe, let’s have a closer look at this.

You see, some see goal setting as setting you up for disappointment. I don’t see it that way but some do. I believe setting goals correctly will help you achieve what you want. Incorrect goal setting methods will likely do the opposite. Now back to ‘direction’ /intentional meandering’- if you have your personal compass set to where you want to go and always keep your compass bearing in mind, goals along the way may only be a distraction to you.

This I suggest may work well for some who show great discipline. However I believe for most people, regular effective Goal Setting will increase your chances for the achievement of meaningful goals and a meaningful life with the added flexibility of establishing as many , or few of them as you desire. You can then keep a close eye on your progress/journey through life and make the necessary adjustments along the way. What do you think?

Be good to yourselves

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