5 Effective Steps to setting Meaningful Goals

I have found these steps to be extremely helpful for clients wishing to establish definitive goals or targets. You may too.

1.Be Specific – what do you want to achieve? You must have a specific goal/target in mind otherwise you will lose direction and purpose, be as precise as you can, avoid vague objectives.

2.The goal must be measurable – how will you recognise you have achieved your goal? Be clear on your measure e.g. using numbers, dates & times is one surefire way to have clarity with this.

3.Attainable/Achievable – setting a goal that you cannot hope to achieve will only end in disappointment. By all means set some challenge in to your goals but be realistic – Also consider “breaking down” bigger goals in to smaller more achievable chunks – will give greater satisfaction and the momentum to continue toward the larger end goal.

4.Relevant/Realistic – how does it fit in to the overall picture? Is it relevant to your life in general or will it change or improve your life? If good, then go for it.

5.Time Framed – Set a specific time for goal completion or you run the risk of losing momentum or interest especially if you have invested your time & effort. Make it all worthwhile by having a realistic end date to keep the fires within you burning.

Be good to yourselves


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