The Age of Self Renewal(musings of a mature soul)

Reaching the age of 40 can be seen as challenging for many as they wonder about the years gone by and those to come (with some trepidation). For many, it is a turning point when the realisation hits home that half their lives have gone. For others, it is just a point….. and life will continue on as normal, for better or worse.

When seen as a “turning point”, it is a realisation that half their lives are still to come. This can then precipitate an action or many actions, a call to arms so to speak with thoughts raging like “what do I do with the rest of my life?” or “How can I make a difference?” “What legacy will I leave?” “What great things can I achieve?” “Where do I start?”

For many, this will necessitate a change in thinking if they are to achieve something different in the rest of their lives. “We are what we think” is an often used quote and it is true. Same thinking = same results, different thinking = different results. This mid life “re identification” can be daunting, down right scary. It is difficult to achieve alone. Ask for help, seek guidance, think this through clearly. It is the rest of your Life that we are talking about…..and it can be enjoyed to the max, just change your thinking if you have to….it will be worth it.

Be good to yourselves



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