Say what you Really mean (part 3)

In the first two parts I explored the “negatives” of everyday language and it’s effect on how people may view situations.

In this final part, I will talk about  the difference between the way we use words as opposed to what we really mean to say. I will do this by posing a few questions but first, an observation – Politicians, how often do they say what they mean? They will go through all sorts of linguistic contortions rather than get to a point where a definitive point of view is made, raised or question answered. Now back to raising a few questions…..

Often you are wanting to say something but fearing the consequences of doing so…, how does that make you feel?.. Are you afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?.. Is the truth hard to divulge?.. Are you afraid of the answer(truth) that you will receive? what happens…you probably say nothing at all or avoid the issue by raising another topic.

So then how do you feel?.. guilty?..frustrated?..Get it out! Say it! What’s the worst that can happen? Being false, avoiding real issues, will catch up with you eventually and emotionally drain you, why torture yourself?

Even if you feel no guilt by being purposefully deceitful by not saying what you mean, you are gradually eroding your character. This will have a flow on effect in to other parts of your life and associations with others – you are doing yourself no favours!

Say what you really mean and the world will be a much better place.

Be good to yourselves



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