Say what you Really mean (part 2)

Are we really afraid to say what we truly mean, be open with ourselves and the intended receiver(s)? I gave a few examples of “double negatives” in part 1 and I would like to add another common phrase…”you’re not wrong”. Why not say “you’re right”?, I mean we seem intent on dumbing down our language or making it more cryptic, but is this giving out the true message, are we becoming lost in a jumble of, probably well intended language, however at the same time, running the risk of being received differently than intended.

We live in a world where negativity in language, thoughts, actions is more prolific than positive language, thoughts, actions. The “double negative” may be an extension of our propensity to view things as negative with a slight leaning toward the positive only when the situation seems to warrant e.g., when you ask someone how they feel, how they are and they answer “not too bad” may mean that, I am expecting to feel bad but it hasn’t happened yet, but wait, I’m sure it will. It appears that we cannot bring ourselves to go the full distance and state in the positive e.g., ” I feel good, great etc., – why not?

Try it yourself. Answer in the positive, speak positively and not only will your words have a greater effect on the recipient, you will feel better yourself. Positivity rules! and it’s not hard.

Be good to yourselves



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