9 Secrets to Creating Positive Change

I found this to be a very interesting article from one of my favoured “authors”. Please enjoy …….

9 Secrets to Creating Positive Change

As a soul-driven entrepreneur, it’s likely that you want to make the world a better place. And you also likely know that it all starts with you… as you evolve, your business evolves, you make a bigger, “cleaner” contribution and the world benefits. You, like the rest of us, have big dreams… and it’s through your personal transformation that you have the power to make the world a better place.

So what does it take to transform the world? By creating positive change for yourself, you are acknowledging your power as a creator and being accountable for your energy (and results of it). In random order, here are nine secrets to creating positive change and transforming the world.

1. Align with what feels right for you. If it doesn’t make sense for you, it’s not yours – even if that’s “what everybody else is doing” (or maybe especially if that’s the case!). Use no one else’s measurement in determining your goals nor your progress. When you are aligned with what is right for you, you resonate at the highest vibration for you and THAT creates positive change in exponential ways.

2. Finish old business or let it go. If you haven’t gotten to something on your “to do” list for a long time, decide if it’s really something you are supposed to get done. If yes, do it. If no, get it off your list (if need be, you can create a “parking lot” of those ideas for some future revisiting) – the idea is to free up the mindspace that those projects are holding and release you beating yourself up for not getting them done. That’s valuable energy to create positive change!

3. Accept responsibility for what you create. And that means pretty much everything… if you aren’t the cause of your life, you are the effect of it and that puts you in reaction to your life and makes you a victim on some level. To be a creator, you must own what you’ve created so you give yourself the power to create your future. If you don’t know what your responsibility was, track back to where you own your result (example: the airline lost your luggage – you “own” that occurrence because you chose to travel in the first place).

4. Receive what comes in… be open and willing to accept what comes to you because you created it. By limiting, negating or rejecting what comes into your life, you are constricting the flow and emitting confusing energy as to what you want. If what you receive isn’t what you expected, go back to your point of creation OR make a fresh intention with this new information as a guide.

5. Don’t judge yourself for what was or the decisions you made in the past. If you would have known better, you would have done better (and that goes for the rest of us too!). Generally, you are your own worst critic, and say things to yourself that you would never say out loud to another person. Show yourself the same kindness that you would show a stranger and watch the positive change as it happens in your life and business.

6. Know that you are provided for by the Universe. Source energy does not let your good work go unrewarded, and creating positive change is an action and an energy that becomes attractive for new opportunities, relationships and resources. Trust yourself, and Source, that you are always provided for, even in the midst of big positive transformation.

7. Upgrade your energy sources. A Gulfstream 5 airplane doesn’t run on diesel fuel… an animal doesn’t do well when drinking from a poisoned pond… and neither does your positive change. Look around your world to see what is supporting you, and make sure it really IS supporting you! Maybe it has outlived its time, or you have different needs, or something has shifted – if this is the case, it’s time for a replacement! Upgrade your sources of energy to support your optimal flow for positive change.

8. Forget perfection. If you are attached to being perfect before something can happen, or that something else has to be perfect before you can benefit, or that there are negative consequences when something isn’t perfect, that can severely limit your positive change. Change can be messy in the middle – it’s hard to be perfect when you’re renovating a house! Think of all the pictures taken of you when you thought you were fat at the time – in looking back, now you see that you were actually lookin’ pretty good, right? Be in the flow of change, and know that the imperfect is, in all likelihood, pretty perfect.

9. Detach from the form in which ‘it’ arrives. If you expect roses in a long, rectangular box, and you get a hand-painted postcard with a rose on it and are disappointed, you’re probably going to have a hard time in recognizing and receiving your positive change when it happens. By setting your intention, and then letting go of what it needs to look like, you are actually giving it the ultimate freedom to be what it needs to be… and sometimes that is even more spectacular positive change than you could have dreamed of for yourself!

Through awareness of your own positive transformation process, you are being of the highest service in making the world a better place. So, make the world better, help a lot of people and create a big huge global shift by starting where it counts – with yourself.

@2009 Lynn M. Scheurell All Rights Reserved.

Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst, works with soul-driven entrepreneurs to create a livelihood from their true purpose. This type of business development requires extreme personal clarity in combination with innovation and active implementation of proven business practices. Download a free report to learn “The Seven Deadly Mistakes That Keep Soul-Driven Business Owners from Making Money” at www.mycreativecatalyst.com.


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