A Window in to Tomorrow

Wouldn’t it be great to know ‘what tomorrow will bring’? Many of us go from day to day not having any idea of what to expect from tomorrow. Thoughts like the following may sound familiar?

  • “Not another day like today”
  • “I haven’t time to plan ahead”
  • “I will just ‘wing it’, see what happens”
  • “I hope the telephone rings”
  • “I hope we are/we are not busy”
  • “I hope I make some money”
  • “Wouldn’t it be great if things were better than now”

Our thoughts determine our outcomes in life whether they be Business or Personal issues. Quite often we get bogged down or pre occupied with “stuff” and don’t make enough personal time to think about what we wish to achieve.

Even worse, we don’t allow any fresh thoughts in and continue doing the same thing, day in and day out – we get ourselves in a RUT- (Really, Ugly, Truth) aarrgh!

Consider this –

Try imagining a better tomorrow

make an appointment with yourself to set aside an appropriate amount of time each day to map out a vision, a bigger game plan for your life –  be patient and gentle with yourself, take baby steps if necessary – your appointment may go like this;

  • Take a deep breath, clear your mind
  • Think about and then write down what is really important to you… the people, personal achievement etc., it may take a while, that’s o’k,
  • consider clearing the clutter from your life – free yourself of the things and/or people that are holding you back, taking up space
  • Do one thing differently today – anything positive, feel- goodish
  • Do one more tomorrow – keep the positivity flowing

The above points are simply a checklist of some straightforward options for one to consider. The list is by no means exhaustive and is not meant to be however I believe by applying this checklist, a move away from your Rut will be achieved and better “tomorrows” will come.

We do have control over our thoughts and we have the power to influence how our day evolves. When we choose to exercise our personal power, things start to fall in to place and make more sense. This is rarely an overnight shift in consciousness however with continued positive thoughts and practice can become life changing in a short space of time.

Be good to yourselves

David…….also @www.davidstevenslifecoach.com.au


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