The Art of getting it together – “The How to’s”

You have many challenges in life. Some you will overcome, some you simply will not be able to.

These latter challenges will thwart you because of either of reasons:

  1. you don’t have the skill to overcome them
  2. you don’t have the willpower to overcome them
  3. The Universe got in the way
  4. Some things are meant to be (must be that “Universe” again)
  5. You give up 

For most of us, 1. 2. & 5. are the relevant ones,  I will talk about 3. & 4. later.

If you do want to overcome your challenges, then point 1. is salvageable. People with the will to overcome obstacles will get it together.Willpower Blog Post

You may need help, however if you have the “will” to overcome then you will seek out all options to do so. And that will set you apart from others.

‘The Art of getting it together’  emanates from your very own Willpower.

Here are two examples:

The power of frustration … “I’ve had enough, I won’t put up with this anymore”

The power of wanting more out of your life … “I can do better”

When you decide to initiate your Willpower, You begin to turn things around.

Skills can be learned. You may not have them at the moment however someone who does have them can teach you. Or, you make the extra effort to learn them yourself. I’ve certainly been in both categories … and still am.

When you don’t have the willpower [or decide not to use it],then you are at the mercy of whatever comes your way. Some will flow with this and say “what the heck” or “I’m in the flow” (of whatever) AND some will simply get swept away (and complain immeasurably).

This is where The Universe  does  play a huge part ….. you have the power of Choice. You choose to take positive action or not. I can only suggest that you try the positive and inject some Willpower.

To give credit where it’s due, those who “give up” have in the most part, at least initially tried. They have had crack and that’s worthy.

If this is you, then more than likely your willpower has run out of steam or you have lacked support. The good news for you is that there is a glimmer of hope. In fact there is a rainbow of hope.

When you read this, do something for me. Reach out. You need a confidence boost, a shot of energy, an embrace of hope. There is someone out there who will support you through this. Reach out for the rainbow …. all the colours thereof exemplify the amount of options open to you.

Giving up is a poor option though I can understand that frustration plays huge in your life. It gets the better of me at times.

So, what is the answer?

When I have a target, goal, dream, desire that IS strong enough, emotional enough and important enough, I will work to see it through.

The time frame isn’t that important, however the “will” to get it done, is ….. because it’s that important.

You can do the same, I am sure.

Please feel free to share your thoughts here and via your favourite Social Media Channels.

You can also reach out to Me if you need some help.

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4 reasons your personal Magic has gone AWOL

Let me start this with a fact.

You have Personal Magic. Whether you know it or not or whether you utilise it or not, it’s there.

When you use your personal magic, it get’s you places, makes you money, makes you happy.

But what happens when that magic goes missing?

Here’s 4 reasons why this happens.Your personal magic

Too many ideas [lead to procrastination]

I get it. Because I’ve fallen victim to this quite a few times. It’s always terrific to have an armful of ideas. The trick is to space them out or plan a sequence of tactical maneuvers so that they fall into place and get acted upon with maximum energy, at the right time.

If you try to start too many at once, then you hit the wall. Then you start to question yourself. Then you end up doing nothing or very little. Magic gone.

Your Focus waivers

Confusion, distraction and any number of other factors cause you to lose focus. Your focus on your goals, dreams and direction in life. You begin to spend time on matters that are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Get back on track. Revisit what is important and spend time on that.

Lack of clarity

Unexpected obstacles, incorrectly set goals, “wishes” instead of solid dreams and lack of a life Plan reduce your day to day joy, into a grind. If you don’t know where you are going, the mist of despondency will descend. Speak to someone who knows the deal and cares enough to get you on track.

Motivation without Determination

It’s fine to say that you are motivated. You may even feel motivated. However, unless you have the determination to push through when the going gets a little tough, then your magic starts to wane.

Motivation is an interesting beast. It’s more complicated than you think. There’s plenty of moving parts and they all need to be co-ordinated to ensure that your Magic and your Motivation are working at peak performance levels.

If your motivation isn’t up to scratch, contact me for some supportive conversation so that you can get your motivation to where you want it.

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Short Story No. 5

Fellow Life Lover,

At the risk of being repetitive, “You can have it All”.

The only thing stopping you … Is You.

Here’s 7 points that will help you to do just that. There are [in some cases], many sub points to these 7 and I have written about all of them previously and no doubt will in the future.

I simply want you to take stock of these pointers and begin the necessary action toward creating your best version of self.

1. Step up. You’re in your comfort place right now. Take a step up the ladder where the view is a little better. You’ll find a lot more comfort as you climb … and a lot more confidence.

2. Step out. Isolation is not helpful. Take the steps to move yourself out from your current zone into the bigger world where the action happens. Add a spring to your step, embrace new friends & relationships. Create new opportunities.You can be Amazing Blog Post

3. Stand Tall & Shine. Shrinking violets are fine in the garden. This world needs your light. Stick your head up and speak your message. There’s no need for brash & brassy, just the strength of your authenticity.

4. Dream/Imagine. Break the shackles of one pace thinking and introduce fresh thoughts that will take you to another level.

5.Care. This adds an important dimension to your “work”. When you add the care factor, you elevate yourself above the crowd.

6. Share. You are not an island. Helping others up adds to your own strengths. Encouraging others to share their talents multiplies this effect.

7. Live Well. Look after your body and your mind. Exercise of the daily kind is essential for both. Love your friends and your family. Love the opportunity to live this life. You have one shot only.

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3 Critical tips for maximising Your Energy each day


How energised do You feel? Are you able to give your work and play your maximum energy?

I know that it can be difficult to do this all the time. However there are ways to effectively channel your energy into the areas of your Life that need it most.

Here are 3 do able actions/lifestyle choices that you can take to maximise your energy output.

These are my experiences. I’m no exercise physiologist or mind matter Guru however I have found, over many years, that these 3 tips have given me Value and they may well do so for You.

I would suggest that you make these a part of your priority goals.

1. Exercise your Body And Mind at the same time

Exercise, of the physical kind, will leave you feeling better when you maintain a regular schedule. Your body is your “temple” and your driving force, so due care is essential.

Exercise of the mind is also a must. For me, the two go hand in hand [maybe that’s just me?].

When I exercise, my mind gets a healthy break as well. The exercise allows me to break down any mental barriers… it essentially frees my mind of the clutter that has built up during the day. My mind is then able to be better used for imaginative and creative purposes. And yours will as well.

When you are de cluttering, you are creating space for more energising thoughts and fresh ideas.

In summary, your exercise schedule need not be of Olympic proportions. It can be whatever… but it needs to be. Just start doing something if you are not already doing so.

Let your body & mind enjoy the experience. De-clutter the mind, free up the energy that is being used on non value thoughts & activities, so they can be  used on productive activities.Focus your energy Blog Post

2. Focus your energy

You can often get pulled from one thing to another in day to day life. This can be a draining experience & I am sure you have experienced this numerous times. Especially if you are a parent. You don’t have unlimited energy. You can improve the levels of your energy reserves however they can still rundown. That’s when you need to recharge [see also tip 3]

So the challenge is this. To do what has to be done with maximum energy, you do need to focus or isolate, what needs your attention.

A couple of questions that are critical here:

What are the important things in your daily life that deserve your maximum energy?

What are the things or people who steal your energy?

How often during a day, do you use up energy on things that really aren’t all that important?

In summary, to have the desired energy levels for the important people & activities in your Life, you need to focus on your priorities.

Schedule your energy for the “peak times”.That may be family time, an important work deadline, dinner with a loved one, planning your week, working on your goals.

Focusing your energy where it will be best rewarded, is your main goal.

3. Recharge then turbocharge

Take a break. Simple? Often it’s not, however it is vital.

You can build up your energy reserves with regular exercise & maintain effective energy levels by scheduling your focus. Your energy levels will still run low at some point, despite all of this intent.

Recharging yourself can be done during each day simply by taking ‘time out’.  As an example, it may be just 5 or 10 minutes each hour or so, or a full 30 minute break at “low energy times” during the day, whatever you determine necessary.

This will allow you  to turbocharge through your next period of high energy use. When you have the energy, Life seems so much easier.

Why not schedule weekend breaks or make  long weekends [3 or 4 days] every 3 or 4 months? And take an annual holiday, you deserve it and so do those near and dear to you. Remember when you recharge then you can turbocharge.

When your energy is used wisely and effectively, the results will astound you.

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4 Practical Life changing Choices that you can make today

Choice is all powerful. I’m sure that you make choices regularly however, today I am going to open up this power for You to use in 4 special ways that you may not have considered before.

These 4 choices are relatively simple to make, yet are often ignored. You will find when exercised correctly, they are “life changers”.

‘Choice’ in itself is not elusive.  However the actioning of ‘choice’ can be … and that is the difference.

1.Choose to do  something rather than nothing. Simple enough? It’s too easy to “sit on your hands”, rather than make the choice to get active. That’s why this “choice” is often abandoned. When you do something, your mind is stimulated. Action becomes automatic and your day becomes fruitful and productive.

I’m not going to bore you with the why’s here. Other than to say, being productive is fulfilling, it’s energising and even more simply put, it makes you feel good.

2.Choose to “step out” rather than step back. Your comfort zone is well, comfortable. Blog Post ChoiceAnd if it’s working wonders for You then stick with it.

However if it has you trapped in a mindless spiral, then choose to step out and experience something different … something better even? Stepping back from anything, generally has a dose of “fear” attached to it. That’s “change” working a treat.

The “fear” is your mind playing tricks.
A lot of changes that you make will “set you back” initially, however again, if you want something better, then change what you’re currently thinking and doing.

Lace up your shoes and prepare for a few steps in an alternate direction.

3.Choose to be yourself, not someone else’s “shadow”Express who you are really meant to be. Trying to be someone else is like driving the wrong way along a one way street. You lack direction.

“Modelling” someone certainly has it’s advantages when you are seeking to be successful. However, You do need to bring your own “game face” to the table. By all means, gain an edge by tapping into what your life mentor’s do … just add your own personal touch. No one can feel like you do. No one can think like you do.

Break out of the shadow effect and shine your own light in your own special way.

4.Choose goals and direction in your lifeBe in the game. Go with the flow  only  if it’s going in your direction. No Life“plan” usually = no results.

Being in the flow of things occurs when you know your game. And that’s a good thing. Floating along in the stream of life will eventually have it’s snags.

Set yourself up with short, medium and long term ‘strategies’ that assist you in the direction that you want to go.

There will be detours and they will have their own advantages. And they should be a part of your overall Life Plan and direction. Without one, you will end up “lost”.

Work on making some better choices today. These four may be just what you need.

Be good to yourself


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13 Real Questions You must ask if you want Personal Growth Success

Self Discovery and Personal Growth is an age long process.

You can always learn, or seek to learn, more about yourself. And of course, learn more about the environment in which you choose to live.

That being, the physical space/s and the people with whom you meet and how you adapt, learn from and be friend each.

The journey, [I dislike that word] adventure is better, of life includes your personal transformation from day one ….. to day “good bye”.

Your initial thoughts when you move toward and into adulthood may include, among other things, “what does life have to offer me?” Or “what do I have to offer to life?”Self Discovery Questions

The first question probably stops there and has no immediate follow up, because there are no immediate answers. You just have to move through life and see what happens … and then you will have your answer/s.

The second question [ far better in my opinion], has no immediate answers either however the thrust of this question will lead you to further questions and many answers, at each stage of your personal self discovery and growth adventure.

The more value questions that you ask will enable better answers. Better answers will help equip you with better tools to aid your personal growth.

I know that I’m taking you back in time so to speak, with the “moving toward/into adulthood thing”, however it is only for the intent to frame or put into context, the entirety of this post.

Because, you can ask yourself the above two questions at any stage of your life, perhaps now even?

Therefore, regardless of your current age, or stage of personal growth, all of the following questions will have varying degrees of relevance to You.

Please note that your personal growth is honed and developed over a long period of time. However your growth is slowed or stunted if you don’t continually take some sort of action.

Therefore, with some of these questions, I am getting you to think some years ahead. There’s no quick fix.

You need to be taking actions today to help you be the person you want to be in say, 10 years time and beyond.

These 13 Questions, can help start you to set the theme for your life OR change the current theme of your life:

The initial 6 pack:

  • How do I want to see myself develop as a person over the next 10 years
  • What’s vitally important to me Now, [to get me started or to keep me going]
  • What support will I need … physically, spiritually, financially, mentor wise
  • What are my passions. Do I have any, how do I find them
  • Am I prepared to do any worthwhile action to achieve my best Life
  • What am I prepared to forego to achieve the life that I want


The 7 follow up’s:

  • Will my current ‘choices’ get me to where I want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time
  • Am I aware of any limiting beliefs that will stand in my way
  • Do I make excuses
  • Do I consider myself a Victim of circumstance or do I take personal responsibility for my Life
  • What is my source of Inspiration … do I have one (or many)
  • What three (3) important achievements do I want to define my next 12 months
  • Do I commit to taking the necessary, ongoing actions to achieve what I really want

You won’t be able to or indeed want to, answer all of these right from the start. I suggest that you concentrate initially, on the opening six [6]. They will guide you. They will also determine whether you are actually prepared to make any changes, to get you where you want to be in life.

If you can’t get past the first six [6] then the remainder will be of little use.

The intent here is to lay all the cards on the table and to use these questions as a resource to reinvigorate your life’s theme. It may even be a completely fresh start for you.

Some of these questions may seem confronting. If they are, then I’ve done my job.

If you have been used to going with the flow and you have now found that the stream has dried up, then this will be a fresh start. And if you are going to make a fresh start then begin with questions that will launch your new adventure with a solid platform.

I hope this has given you something to think upon. If you would like to delve deeper, then please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Do You have an Excuse for not getting your Sh*t done today?

Hi again.

Let me tell you right from the get go that I feel so strongly about people using ExcusesThey trap you, hold you back and hold you down.

And they are completely unnecessary from a personal growth standpoint. That’s my opinion, upfront.

I’ve written about excuses before and am again motivated to delve once more into this murky world.

There are excuses that you use to simply avoid something completely or to just put things off.Excuses

Fair enough. I’ve done that. However, generally I’ve found that it’s far better to face it before you regret it [later].

Some situations are better handled later when you are in a better position to do so. For example when you have let go of your anger. And when you have gathered more information on “that situation”.

However other situations only get worse, the longer that you delay facing and dealing with them.

Deep down, You know what you really have to do in these situations.

There are “other excuses” that are given without you realising it. This is when your sublimimal conditioning has blocked your awareness [to opportunity]. Your mind is automatically saying “No” to many of the opportunities that present themselves to you.

And these are the most concerning.

The “voices” in your head are confirming that “you’re not good enough for that.”

“That’s too hard”. “You don’t have the skills for that”. ”That’s way out of your league”.

This all builds to an “avoidance culture”. You are limiting your growth, your potential success and your relationship with self.

When you find yourself saying “No” often, or avoiding the “issue” often, start questioning yourself, “Why?”

Is their evidence to support you holding yourself back? At the end of the day, a lot of your “avoidance” may be only imaginary.

Avoiding situations and people with [lame/poor, or even unwitting] excuses will dilute your personal power. It will also narrow your choices when you are again faced with this situation. It will stagnate your personal growth.

I hope this has given you something to think upon.

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